Mugshot is a music house, created in 2012, with the primary goal of making music, as well as all its multiple applications for all the major brands in the planet. Through music, we help brands tell stories and connect with people, specializing in Music Supervision, Composition, Sound Design, and Mixing.

Our music-making DNA has lead us to produce music for artists as well, and that has been quite a journey. The possibility of exchanging experience with the most diversified talent helps us grow and evolve, inspiring us on multiple fronts.


Our experience creating music for brands, and later for artists, naturally turned into a bridge for those two worlds. Brands and artists working together on their projects, whether to promote a product, and idea, or even to help foster careers. Music is a very powerful agent for connection and transformation, and to be able to align investment, ideas, and talent is a great privilege.

A coproduction ranges from Artistic Direction and Composition to Licensing Agreements, but also includes the capability of identifying affinity and intersection for opportunities in both universes. Understanding the goals of the brands and developing proposals that respect the truth of every artist and their communities are key success factors in projects like these.